Payment Terms

Payment terms for So Van Gogh! paint parties:

The deposit you pay is for the agreed upon date which will be stated on your invoice.  Dollars per seat will be listed on the deposit invoice.  If the deposit is not for the full price of the final number of seats for the class, there will be a final invoice.  This final invoice must be paid at least 24 hours before the time of the scheduled event. 

Date Change - If for any reason-not the fault of So Van Gogh!-the date must be changed, there will be a rescheduling fee of $75 and may only be done up to a week (7 days) before the class.  Any requested date changes within 7 days of the agreed upon date will be considered a cancellation request. 

Cancellation - No deposit refunds for cancellations.

Extra seats - Should there be any last minute requests to add a seat at the time of the scheduled event, the instructor will make the call whether this is acceptable depending upon the instructor's equipment and supplies.  Any payment for last minute seats if available must be paid for by cash.  The instructor may deny last minute requests for any reason.